Camel Milk


When we think of camels, we usually relate it to an image of the exotic middle east and their odd humped backs.  Most tend to forget the other interesting things about camels, like how their hairs are one of the most useful fibers that could create some of the warmest, softest, and most beautiful winter fashion pieces & how their milk has been used throughout ancient civilizations as an effective beauty ingredient.

For centuries in the middle east, camel milk has been used as an effective natural remedy for skincare.  The use of camel milk in the middle east can even be trailed back to records of Cleopatra's practicing routine camel milk baths to preserve her skin health.

Camel milk also has the closest resemblance to breast milk produced by humans, ideally providing the best combination of essential nutrients the human body needs compared to other animal milks.  Abundant in proteins, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and carotene; it has endless benefits that provide excellent moisture, smoothing, wrinkle-fighting, and anti-oxidant properties to the skin.  


The antibodies found in camel milk protein also help fight off infections and reinforce the body's immune system.  So people who suffer from acne and eczema could especially benefit from using camel milk beauty products as well as in their diet.


Try out some camel milk skincare through our specially curated camel milk series products.  The products have even been featured by the largest beauty shopping network in the middle east and north africa region, citrussTV!:

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NEO I SPOTLIGHT Mid-day Skincare Routine

NEO I SPOTLIGHT Mid-day Skincare Routine

Skin easily gets dry through the day? Need to get rid of midday shine? Here is Neogen to save your mid-day skin crisis! Neogen helps you instantly moisturize your dry skin, as well as goodbye to oily and greasy skin in the middle of the day! Let’s learn how to pamper and save your midday skin!



NEO | EXPOSURE<br>Sur.Medic Launch<br>UK's Boots in S.Korea

Sur.Medic Launch
UK's Boots in S.Korea

Find Sur.Medic brand in Boots stores in South Korea.  Sur.Medic brand products are now available in all the boots retail stores across South Korea.  Boots retail chains have already successfully launched into 25 different countries under the newly merged Walgreen Boots Alliance and has now recently expanded their pharmacy-led health and beauty retail stores into the global beauty mecca, South Korea.



NEO | VIEW<BR> Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water <BR> REVIEW BY SARIRAH HAMID

Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water

For the longest time, I couldn't find a need for a cleansing water in my skincare routine. Nor could I find a cleansing water that didn't leave my skin feeling dry. That was until I discovered the NEOGEN Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water. Another star product from the NEOGEN Dermalogy range, this Korean and cruelty-free soothing bio-cleanser contains natural cleansing agents that won't strip the skin and contains additional actual rose petals suspended in the water.



NEO|EXPOSURE<br>Meet Neogen<br>BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair

Meet Neogen
BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair

K-beauty is all the buzz lately on all major online beauty publications.  So of course its not a surprise that BuzzFeed has also been actively posting various articles on the K-beauty trends with many articles recommending the latest K-beauty products people should know about. Neogen was also caught on the radar of BuzzFeed's beauty writers and has also been invited to be a part of their first BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair taking place in their swanky NYC HQ!




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