Good for the skin & good for the environment skincare

Good for the skin & good for the environment skincare


by Carolina Malis


There’s only one world we can live in and we should always take time to take care of it. Living our lives on the daily basis we sometimes forget we’re the only ones able to give mother earth what it deserves and be nice to it, because at the end of the day, this is our one and only home. In the beauty industry there’s lots of brands trying to take a step forward and embrace practices than not only help our skin but also stay friendly to our environment, and one of those is R:EP.

Short for Real Elemental Practice, this incredible brand - which I’m obsessed with by the way - is not only sustainable but down-to-earth with their practices. Creators of smart skincare products, their goal is not only to develop formulas that feel natural to the skin but also our environment. Even the packaging for each product is built by using responsible material and processes in order to make everything recyclable and earth-friendly. Amazing, right?

Now, let me tell you, once you get into R:EP you kinda never go back. With a huge range of products and alternatives for everyone, there’s so many goodies I think you should definitely get for yourself, but if I name them all I’d never end writing, but if this brand sounds like something you need in your life, here’s some of our faves to get your started.

Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb 

Meet your next obsession. Not only it smells incredible, but it actually is a holy grail. This creamy wash-off mask helps calm down red, irritated, inflamed skin while getting rid of toxins trapped deep down in our pores thanks to its formula containing clay, 100% hand-crushed fresh herbs - which you can actually see in the jar - kaolin, calendula and chamomile. Yep, an absolute masterpiece. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, this soothing mask gently removes debris and dead skin cells from our skin’s surface while fortifying our skin’s natural protection barrier. Too good to be true? Just wait until you test it out for the first time.


Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pad

Another favorite right here. Have you been looking for a good set of peeling pads but your skin gets irritated too easily? Then these are the ones for you. These Cotton toning pads are soaked on Damask Rose extract, tea tree and calendula, a mix made in heaven to lightly hydrate, restore pH balance and calm down skin while providing gentle exfoliation.

On one side the pad has a threaded texture which will work as mechanical exfoliation to remove and drag out impurities and waste, while on the other side you’ll find a smooth surface to sweep away everything the threaded side was able to remove.


Phytocell Cell Revival Cica Cream

I’m not saying that this right here might be my favorite moisturizer in the world, but maybe that’s exactly what I’m saying. This hyper soothing cream is packed with four centella asiatica-derived ingredientes, AKA, irritated skins, rejoice! Madecassoside, madecassic, edelweiss and panthenol come together to calm down redness, inflammation, irritation and sensitivity in matter of minutes.


Now, the formula is just so soothing itself you’ll fall in love at first touch. It’s like if it melts on your skin and absorbs in seconds, kind of like a sorbet, not leaving residue or a greasy feeling but a hydrated, elastic and calm complexion. But that’s not it! The formula also strengthens the skin natural barrier and provides anti-aging benefits. I know, a super powerful moisturizer for sure.





NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Meet your fast - yet effective - spot care essentials for winter

Meet your fast - yet effective - spot care essentials for winter

When talking acne there’s a few things we need to keep in mind: first off, we can all have it, and for that same reason we all need to know how to keep it under control once it decides to show up. For the longest time of my life I had to struggle with having no idea how acne really worked. I went from dermatologists to dermatologist thinking they were finally gonna share the big secret behind how to get rid of it for good, but it never happened, or at least not until I turned to K-Beauty.


NEO I TRENDING<br>Sunscreen and Aging: Here’s why these are and item

Sunscreen and Aging: Here’s why these are and item

You know when you joke about things but deep down you’re being serious and just hoping for someone to join you on your crazy ideas? Well, that’s me talking about wanting to create a sunscreen cult. I’m the sunscreen lady. I’m allergic to cats so cat lady wasn’t and option for me, so sunscreen it is. Since I learned how fundamental it was to wear it every single day of my life in order to have good skin I never went back. It’s a long term relationship and I know it will last forever.


NEO I TRENDING <br>The answer behind long-lasting hydration? Hyaluronic Acid!

The answer behind long-lasting hydration? Hyaluronic Acid!

You hear the term everywhere. From skincare, to supplements and even some makeup brands are using it lately. Hyaluronic acid is without a doubt part of the skincare royalty, and there’s a reason why.

Hydration is one of the main signs of a healthy complexion. In a way, all we do for our skin has a focus on keeping it hydrated. When dehydration takes over, all the other skin struggles we could be facing get worse, reason why in a nutshell, we can’t get rid of acne, wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea, eczema or any other concern if our skin is not hydrated, and here’s where Hyaluronic Acid plays a lead role.


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>The two hero-moisturizers that will save your skin this winter

The two hero-moisturizers that will save your skin this winter

And just like that, winter is here once again and not only my wardrobe noticed it but my skin did too. I don't know about you I'm already running through basically a whole bottle of toner a month and don't even get me started on the sometimes-insane amounts of mist I apply throughout the day. Totally #guilty of using it every single minute of my day.



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