Sunscreen is a 365/7 thing,
and here’s why

Sunscreen is a 365/7 thing, and here’s why


By Carolina Malis 



If you, like me, are a fall/winter lover, then you, like me, are probably rejoicing with the current weather. Leaves are slowly turning orange, it’s finally time to wear those jackets you bought during summer and the fresh breeze caresses your face every time you’re walking on the street. True heaven, am I right? Gone are the days you were sweating the second you set foot outside your house and being hot even when wearing absolutely nothing. But there’s a few things that stay with us all year, things some think belong only to summer time but in reality they’re year-round friends. The most important one? Sunscreen.


Let’s get to the point. Yes, you need to wear sunscreen in the Fall. Yes, you need to wear sunscreen in the Winter. Yes, you need to wear sunscreen EVERY-SINGLE-DAY of the year. Yes, it’s a need and not an option. Hoping I made my point clear enough, here’s why!


In my honest opinion, the problem with sunscreen is that it has the word “sun” in it, so most of the people tend to think it is meant to protect you from the sun, aka, if you can’t see the sun, you don’t need it. Big, big, big mistake. I blame whoever came up with the name tbh. Sunscreen is actually meant for UV rays, and those, my friends, we get exposed to every single day regardless from sun, clouds, rain, snow, storm… UV rays can reach us through all of those.


In a nutshell - because, oh boy, I can get really talkative when talking about sunscreen - UVA and UVB rays were born ready to kill collagen and elastin from your skin. Once this happens wrinkles, sunspots, saggy skin and fine lines start taking over. Sounds awful, right? That's why sunscreen is a 365-days-a-year commitment, because sunscrees is the one and only product capable of protecting your skin from them.



Now, what happens when you're acne prone and can't find a good sunscreen that's not gonna make you breakout? You go for this one. The Neogen Dermalogy Day Light protection Sunscreen not only is very hydrating (and SPF50) and easy to spread but it's not gonna clog your pores or irritate your skin. What about white cast? There's not. What about stickiness? There's not. This is the kind of sunscreen I usually recommend as a starter for someone just joining the sunscreen-everyday wagon: a sunscreen that feels more like a light moisturizer that absorbs quickly, and smells like a fresh citrusy Fall afternoon (some people say it smells light oranges but I prefer my poetic description).


I’ve been using this sunscreen for about 3 years now and keep coming back to it specially for the colder months. It layers great under makeup but be careful when mixing it with too heave foundations.


What about you? How has your experience with sunscreen has been?

NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Here’s the secret to antioxidant up your skincare routine!

Here’s the secret to antioxidant up your skincare routine!

Antioxidants help fight the cell damages that naturally occur from oxidation, which eventually turn into free radicals. Free radicals eventually start a chain reaction of damages to more cells which affect both our body and skin health. Although you can find anti-oxidants in a variety of different natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables, some specific fruits and vegetables further flaunt higher levels and powerful antioxidant content.


NEO I  SPOTLIGHT<br>This is what Home-Spa dreams are made of: Neogen Knit Masks

This is what Home-Spa dreams are made of: Neogen Knit Masks

Let’s face it. Staying in for a long period of time sounds easy at the beginning but can be challenging. During quarantine we already cleaned our full apartment twice, re-organized the kitchen, the closet and tried all of those recipes we always wanted to. But now it’s time to focus on ourselves and bless our skin with a little - well deserved - me time.


NEO I TRENDING<br>Now you can find RE:P<br> at Ulta!

Now you can find RE:P
at Ulta!

Gone are the days when finding the good K-Beauty brands available at your local stores was only a fantasy. Thankfully, the world realized K-Beauty had lots to offer and with time what was just a trend became a regular on people’s routines all around the globe.


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Transitional Weather Scaries? Add some H2 to your routine ASAP!

Transitional Weather Scaries? Add some H2 to your routine ASAP!

I’ve said it before: my skin is not only combo but also very sensitive, and rosacea + acne prone… yeah, yeah, someone decided to add a little bit of everything during the DNA distribution. For many years I just catalogued my skin is oily, because I used to think that was my one and only skin concern and that every other problem was a consequence of the oiliness. Oh, how wrong I was.



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