The gentle way to smoother
, pore-less skin!

The gentle way to smoother, pore-less skin!


By Carolina Malis


The word peeling still scares some people and I don't blame them. There's a lot of myths about it going around (I used to believe some of them in the past, totally guilty of that) and there is some bad formulas out there, definitely. But peeling is not a bad thing, we need to clarify. In order to keep our pores free of toxins and dirt we must exfoliate. I've said it a million times, I know, but I'll keep on repeating it until I have the whole world baptized with it: there's not way to smoother and blackheads/pimples free skin without driving the exfoliation road, and peeling is a stop you should definitely park at.


Let's start with the basics: Peeling is a form of exfoliation that can help fix lots of skin problems such as pigmentation, texture, scars, dehydration, acne, wrinkles and the list goes on and on. Now, finding the right one for you? That's when things get interesting. As a sensitive skin person myself I need to find a peeling that's gentle and not irritating, meaning nothing that's gonna leave my skin feeling tight and/or striped. All face peels are made to remove a top layer of skin in order to exfoliate and speed up cell turnover, but there's some of them that go deeper and remove more than others, sometimes even more than we wanted them to.


In the search for a good, sensitive-skin friendly peeling I run into Neogen's Pore Tight Peeling Mousse, a mousse-like super soft and foamy formula that helps remove dirt, impurities, toxins, excess sebum, makeup residues and blackheads trapped in our pores. This fluffy mousse contains extracts from red algae and other deep sea plants to nourish the skin, while ceramide and hydrolyzed collagen smooth it out in a very gentle yet effective way.

It's really easy to use and mess-free as the mousse-type formula eliminates the frustrating strip application that can be highly irritating to the skin: you only shake the can up and down and pump an adequate amount of it in your dry hands, to then spread all over your dry face avoiding eye area. Then rub the mousse gently across your face until it completely disappears - fun part? You'll actually see the product rolling and pulling up on your skin as it removes dirt and dead skin cells -. Finally rinse off with lukewarm water and Tada! You got brighter, smoother skin in matter of minutes.

Personally I recommend to use a peeling one or two times a week, there's no need for more! If you use any other kind of exfoliation you can mix and match, using a peeling one day and then exfoliating pads, acids or scrubs other day. The important thing is that you keep exfoliation as part of your routine.

Sounds like the peeling dreams are made of?Then make sure to catch it on Today's special on HSN TV this Friday 6/22! (

NEO I VIEW<br>Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask Review by Elaine

Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask Review by Elaine

Neogen’s innovative thick, plush knit material masks have been the talk of the Kbeauty community since its launch in March 2017. The unique sweater-like, knitted-cotton material has passed the clinical human skin irritation test and proven to be non-irritating even on sensitive skin types.

I’ve received quite a few requests to test out this mask and a poll on my Instagram account showed that the majority of my readers are more curious about this pink cactus variant. I will be testing out the white truffle variant in a separate post.


NEO I VIEW<br>Neogen Vita Duo Cream Review by The Glam Gamer

Neogen Vita Duo Cream Review by The Glam Gamer

I don’t mind multi-step skin care routines. For each step is not only beneficial but a way to relax, pamper my skin and have some much needed me time. However, I won’t complain when skin care can be condensed into a double duty or multi-step product. 

Neogen Vita Duo Cream Joan Day Joan Night, $32, is a collaboration with beauty influencer Joan Kim, a popular YouTube leader in KBeauty, fashion and all things Korean. Cruelty free Neogen is one of her favorite brands so it makes sense that she would collab with them. The Vita Duo Cream comes in a container with 2 separate and generously sized compartments, one for each cream plus a spatula to aid in application. A protective inner plastic seal with each side labeled keeps the product fresh and protected. 


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br> Joan Day - Joan Night: The Dual Cream your skin needs for all-day care

Joan Day - Joan Night: The Dual Cream your skin needs for all-day care

That's how the Joan Day - Joan Night moisturizer was born, a Dual Cream containing two separate compartments, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use. The Day Cream is formulated with a Green Tea and Vitamin C combo that delivers intensive soothing and calming benefits for the skin while energizing and reinforcing it. On the other hand the Night Cream is formulated with lavender and Vitamin E which together help soothe and strengthen our skin's natural power.


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Real Cica Micellar Oil & Foam Review by Bambi

I feel like 2018 is a Cica year - all the Cica products that we can see all around the place. This trend seems to be associated with K-beauty but it's not only about Korean brands that started this cult. There's always a reason why something becomes popular so I was positively surprised when I heard that Neogen has decided to make a series based on Centella Asiatica and release the Cica series. Currently, my double cleansing is based on Neogen Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil and Neogen Cica Micellar Cleansing Foam. How does it look like and why you should give a chance to this due?



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