The Handy Serum Mist That Brightens Oily Skin

The Handy Serum Mist That Brightens Oily Skin

By Lauren Hubbard (Visit the Klog)


Read how the Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray will brighten and hydrate oily skin (Editor’s Note: As well as other skin types!)

Oily skin can have its perks: even in the driest winter months when everyone else is flaky and peeling my skin stays moisturized and comfy, and I can handle a much more intensive exfoliating regimen than most of my dry faced friends. There’s even anecdotal evidence that people with oily skin are slower to show signs of aging!

This time of year though, it’s really hard to remember all of that, because this is when the temps climb and the humidity makes it feel like I’m swimming to work, and my skin develops a permanent sheen that not even the best mattifiers can quash. It also makes the idea of applying my usual roster of skin care goodies sound about as appealing as dipping my face in lard.

Of course, I know enough about skin care to know that being oily doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t need love: It’s not just about moisture, but the right kinds of moisture, vitamins, and antioxidants to take the best possible care of my skin. So for years now I’ve woken up every summer morning and started an elaborate routine of applying my beloved beautifiers and then blotting. And blotting. And blotting some more. Sigh.

That was before the Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray took up residence on my vanity. It’s no secret that we love a face mist here at The Klog, but this little aluminum can takes things to a whole new level. Instead of just a midday refresher packed with good ingredients, this non-aerosol spritz is a full-on serum; one that just happens to come with the lightest, freshest application method you can imagine. A few quick pumps leaves my skin misted in an ultra-fine spray of serum that dries in seconds and requires (yes really) no blotting at all. I am the living embodiment of the prayer hands emoji. 


Below, The Klog’s digital editor, Renee, demonstrates how to apply it:

The ingredients: 

Okay, so the application is great, but what exactly is in that serum? Major summer mainstays like niacinamide and vitamin C, which help to brighten up any errant summer sun spots and fight off signs of aging from things like UV damage and pollution. It also has centella asiatica, AKA gotu kola, which has been shown to help promote skin healing and collagen development; more good news for your anti-aging battles. But the real headliner in the formula is hydrogen.

Hydrogen has been huge in Japan for decades for all kinds of health and beauty benefits and it’s recently started to make its way into products in Korea and the US. On a molecular level, hydrogen is really good at burrowing into cells and encouraging them to fight off free radical damage; you know, the stuff that’s been implicated in causing everything from cancer to wrinkles. Because of that, hydrogen water is poised to be one of the big beauty trends of the year, but you don’t need to drink it to get a dose of the good ol’ H2 (hold the O, thanks.) Best of all, hydrogen doesn’t come with the same potentially irritating baggage as some other antioxidants, making it a good choice for sensitive types.

Did I mention that you can use this serum spray on top of makeup? Oh yes. Personally, I like to use a couple of spritzes immediately after washing my face to prime it without adding a heavy moisturizer, and then I add another couple of spritzes once I’ve finished applying my makeup to fuse all of my products together and help them stay in place all day long. And if I happen to break it out for a midday cooldown too, well, I can certainly feel better about that than my 3pm cold brew habit.


Bottom line:

The Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray innovative spray serum is one of the most powerful face mists out there. Not only does it contain brightening superstars niacinamide and vitamin C, it’s packed with one of the buzziest ingredients right now: hydrogen.


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