The pimple patches that do all-in-one A-Clear Soothing Clear Spot Patch

The pimple patches that do all-in-one


By Carolina Malis 


Is there really a worst word/concept/situation than pimples? I truly don’t think so. While there’s tons of different aspects to skincare and skin struggles for sure, pimples are without a doubt one of the most frustrating ones, and it seems like if they knew when the worst moment to show up is so they can do a triumphant entry.

But blessed be beauty technology because nowadays there actual trustable and effective products to help fight and keep acne at bay. Now, first things first: there's no way to get rid of acne overnight and understanding that is very necessary. Every breakout is an open wound and as such, it takes time to heal, so of course the first and most important answer to “How do I get rid of acne?” is constant care. Acne is not a one day thing and nor is its treatment, BUT that doesn't mean there isn't quick solutions to help get rid of it faster.

If you're thinking about putting toothpaste on your pimples and call it a night, think again. You’ve probably seen pimple patches all over the place already, but here’s the real deal: not all of them work the same way. While some pimple patches only protect your skin from environmental bacteria, others work to absorb secretions from blemishes and healing the wound. Well, well, well, the ones I’m about to introduce you to are actually all those things in one.

NEOGEN Dermalogy A-Clear Soothing Clear Spot Patch

The Neogen A-Clear Soothing Clear Spot Patch helps protect, heal and soothe blemishes and breakouts in order for them to be gone for good in matter of days. Made out of Hydrocolloid, these little treasures absorb secretions, bacteria and any impurities hanging out around our pimples while keeping them away from water, dust, and all those nasty toxins floating around in the air. But that’s not it! Hydrocolloid also helps create a moist environment so breakouts don’t cause scabbing or scarring. Smart, right?

Now, something many people don’t know is, when choosing the right pimple patch for you, the way it comes on the package is actually very important. You see, if your hands touch the patch too much you can be trespassing bacteria into it without knowing, which can cause secondary infections, AKA, ugly stuff. These patches are easily peeled without creasing thanks to its central cut-line on the film, which makes them easy to peel and position on your face.

While all those features could be enough reason for you to go and grab these NOW, there’s one more thing to them: they-don’t-slide. Some pimple patches work great in terms of ingredientes but you put them on at night and wake up to them being on your pillow or a totally different area of your face. These water-proof, strong adhesive patches stay put and don’t move around even if you wash your face.

 Sounds to good to be true? Well, that’s because it is! Best news? They’re now available on Amazon, so get there in the blink of an eye and secure yours before they sold out!



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