Say hello to the acne-preventing line your skin has been waiting for

Say hello to the acne-preventing line your

skin has been waiting for


By Carolina Malis


When talking acne there’s a few things we need to keep in mind: first off, we can all have it, and for that same reason we all need to know how to keep it under control once it decides to show up. For the longest time of my life I had to struggle with having no idea how acne really worked. I went from dermatologists to dermatologist thinking they were finally gonna share the big secret behind how to get rid of it for good, but it never happened, or at least not until I turned to K-Beauty.


The thing is, your skin will never heal - from acne or any other skin issue - until you don’t fully understand why you're having a problem in the first place. In the case of acne, for example, something I learned too late is the importance of hydration and exfoliation. Once those two concepts came into my life, oh wow, it all changed for good.


Since then I’m always on the lookout for products that claim to help with acne while keeping skin hydrated, not strippng and adding some exfoliation to the formula, but all while being super gentle with the skin. That’s in fact how I found out about Neogen in the first place years ago, and it was love at first try for a reason.


I’ve tried many of their collections so far but there’s a recent one that has caught my attention. The A-Clear Aid Soothing line. What is it? Think of it as the gentle, friendly products your acne skin has been crying for since you first wondered how to get rid of acne. In a nutshell, the collection focuses on treating, preventing and healing acne while providing the skin with vitamins and ingredients that will not only get rid of it but also prevent it from showing up again.


It features 5 different products: Aid Soothing Foam Cleanser, Aid Soothing Overnight Mask, Aid Soothing Spot Eraser, Aid Soothing Spot Patch and Aid Soothing Spot Kit. While all the products have a different focus and goal, there’s one ingredient the all share: Salicylic Acid. In case you’re not familiar with it, Salicylic Acid is a chemical exfoliant that can help unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells, which is a must for a successful acne treatment.


I would personally recommend this line to - of course - those dealing with acne or blackheads but also those with oily skin and in search for a gentle solution to keep your pores clean and your sebum production balanced. While someone with dry skin could make good use of this line too, it can be a little drying if you don’t pair it with hydrating ingredients and moisturizing skincare routine.


The best part? The whole collection is now available at!

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