Bring in the Sheet Masks: These are the masks you need

Bring in the Sheet Masks: These are the masks you need in your cabinet for winter time

By Carolina Malis


What comes to your mind when you hear the word sheet mask? Relaxation? Pamper yourself time? The cure to every single problem in the world? Well, whatever the case truth is sheet masks are by far one of the most popular K-Beauty trends out there and for a reason. If you’ve never tried one or heard about them, they’re these cotton/hydrogel face-shaped masks people wear all over Instagram. They’re soaked in formulas containing ingredients that can help skin soothe, calm and cool down and overall stay hydrated. If you’ve tried them already then we, my friends, speak the same language.

But not all sheet mask work the same, of course. There’s some with a focus on acne, or healing, some meant to brighten up skin, while other ones look forward to bring up moisture or reduce sebum production. There’s just a whole universe of sheet masks out there and while there’s many I’d love to recommend (believe me that list would be infinite), here’s some I’ve been reaching back to lately especially now that the weather has no mercy on us and all that’s left in the world is cold air.

Neogen sheet masks


Neogen Dermalogy Super Hydra Aqua Capsule Mask

Besides being super fun to use, this one is truly dewy skin on a mask. Why? It comes with a capsule on top containing nano-sized hyaluronic acid particles (AKA, easier to absorb by the skin), which you need to break in order to let the formula drop into the mask. Besides the hyaluronic acid, there's ceramides and cholesterol in the mix which help maximize moisture absorption and keep skin healthy, elastic and hydrated for longer time.

 Neogen sheet masks

Surmedic Masks

This collection is the perfect definition of simplicity that works. Infused with ingredients that help revitalize, regenerate, nourish and regulate skin's hydration levels, these masks are a great choice for those searching for a sensitive-skin friendly mask - but truly they work for everyone.

Surmedic - Age Control Multi Vita Mask

One of my absolute favorites of the collection, this hypoallergenic mask is soaked in the most soothing essence formulated with niacinamide and adenosine, which are of great help especially when rosacea is taking over. It's also very brightening and leaves skin feeling firmer in a way, kind of like a youth shot.



Surmedic - Bright Glutathione Mask 

Suffering from dull skin? Oh boy, you need this one. Super brightening and hydrating this mask is what dewy skin dreams are made of. Formulated with glutathiones which help revive tired and dull skin - this mask not only delivers anti-aging results but also leaves the skin looking and feeling so radiant you won't be in need of highlighter anymore. This is a great one to apply on morning time for no-makeup days.


Surmedic - Hydro Hyaluronic Mask

This mask is saturated (and when I say saturated I mean totally soaking) in this super hydrating and moisturizing formula containing hyaluronic acid, one of the best hydrators out there because of how effectively it penetrates your skin preventing it from dehydrating throughout the day. With low temperatures hitting, this is a great one for those who suffer from extreme dryness.


Surmedic - Vital Collagen Mask

Not sleeping well? Skin feeling stressed and dull? Fine lines showing up? This is the mask for you. It brings back elasticity and the collagen contained in it travels deep into the skin to accomplish young looking, firm and tight skin. A great blessing for no-makeup days too as it will provide smoothness and a lifting effect on skin. 


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Sunscreen is a 365/7 thing,
and here’s why

If you, like me, are a fall/winter lover, then you, like me, are probably rejoicing with the current weather. Leaves are slowly turning orange, it’s finally time to wear those jackets you bought during summer and the fresh breeze caresses your face every time you’re walking on the street. True heaven, am I right? Gone are the days you were sweating the second you set foot outside your house and being hot even when wearing absolutely nothing. But there’s a few things that stay with us all year, things some think belong only to summer time but in reality they’re year-round friends. The most important one? Sunscreen.


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Yes, yes, kombucha is great, but have you ever tried fermented skincare? I know, it can sound weird at first. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking “fermented” is food and drinks, right? Kombucha, cider, beer, cheese, kimchi, yogurt… all good stuff but that’s not the end of it.


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Do you really need Vitamin C on your routine?

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Here’s how to keep transitional weather at bay

It’s finally that time of the year! Leaves are turning orange, nights and mornings are getting colder… and our skin is kind of freaking out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Fall/Winter kind of gal, 100%, but what I’m not a fan of is how my skin reacts to this weather change, because let me repeat: it’s freaking out.



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