Bye Bye clogged pores! The clay cleanser you’ve been waiting for

Bye Bye clogged pores!

The clay cleanser you’ve been waiting for


By Carolina Malis


You know that feeling when you get something oily in your hands and then, when you try to wash it off with only water you’re left with a rough texture on your skin’s surface? I know, not nice, right? Well, something very similar happens when we don’t cleanse our skin the right way.

See, it’s easy to think just some water will get rid of all the waste, makeup and skincare we carry on our faces, but there's way more nasty stuff accumulating in our pores than we can actually see. In order to keep our skin healthy, plump and young we need to make sure we’re getting rid of anything and everything that touches our skin throughout the day, and the only way to this goal is right cleansing.

Now, thing is finding the cleansers that are gonna actually do the job and be both gentle with your skin while getting rid if everything trapped deep down inside our pores can turn into a hard task at times. From the ingredients a formula features from its format, texture and pH, there’s so many factor to be able to categorize the effectiveness of a cleaner. For the same reason, once they find the right one, people tend to stay with it forever and use it everyday morning and night, but I’m one to think it’s a good thing to use different ones for different goals through the week. On that search is that a few years ago I found out about Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser.

This blend of carbonated water, colloidal clay from Canada - yes, it actually comes from the Maple land - and centella asiatica extract cleanses away makeup, excess sebum, blackheads, and dead skin cells from the surface of our skin and inside pores all at once without stripping your skin from its natural oils or damaging the epidermis. Rich in natural minerals and nutrients, this out-of-this-world clay pore cleanser transforms into a bubbling foam once on your skin, leaving skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated.

Best part? It kinda acts like a 2-in1! If you're not very fond of clay masks or just don't have the time to include one on your routine, this cleanser will play the role to perfection, helping get rid of excessive oils and sebum while keeping skin calm and moisturized.

But that’s not it. Another great perk to this cleanser is its immediate brightening effect. Because of the gentle bubbles it kinda act like a mechanical exfoliator too, so all those dead skin cells living on our skin’s surface and making it look dull get removed after a session of Canadian Cleanser. Now, you may be wondering, how do I add this to my double cleansing method? In my case I prefer to use this cleanser as a second step. While it does have the power to remove makeup, it will work better on skin that has already been cleansed away from it.

Sounds like the perfect fit? Then you’re in luck as this godsend will be featured on May Ipsy’s bag!




NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Meet your fast - yet effective - spot care essentials for winter

Meet your fast - yet effective - spot care essentials for winter

When talking acne there’s a few things we need to keep in mind: first off, we can all have it, and for that same reason we all need to know how to keep it under control once it decides to show up. For the longest time of my life I had to struggle with having no idea how acne really worked. I went from dermatologists to dermatologist thinking they were finally gonna share the big secret behind how to get rid of it for good, but it never happened, or at least not until I turned to K-Beauty.


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The answer behind long-lasting hydration? Hyaluronic Acid!

You hear the term everywhere. From skincare, to supplements and even some makeup brands are using it lately. Hyaluronic acid is without a doubt part of the skincare royalty, and there’s a reason why.

Hydration is one of the main signs of a healthy complexion. In a way, all we do for our skin has a focus on keeping it hydrated. When dehydration takes over, all the other skin struggles we could be facing get worse, reason why in a nutshell, we can’t get rid of acne, wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea, eczema or any other concern if our skin is not hydrated, and here’s where Hyaluronic Acid plays a lead role.


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