Now, what’s the big deal
about Cica?

Now, what’s the big deal about Cica?

By Carolina Malis




When you finally decide to give up and let yourself drown in the world of skincare, a whole new universe opens up in front of your eyes. New products, new ingredients, new formulas, words you never heard before, words you’ve heard before but only now you understand… it’s truly a fascinating journey. But another thing you learn is not all ingredients/products work the same for everyone, and by trying out formulas you learn what fits your skin the best and what doesn't.



Throughout that journey is that I found my absolute favorite ingredient in existence: Cica. Short for Centella Asiatica, Cica is like that hug you get after a sad day, the warm cup of tea you drink after running under the rain: all love, care and peace. But first things first: where did this magical ingredient came from? Centella Asiatica is not new to the game; This herb has been used for nearly 3,000 years already as an incredible wound healing ingredient. Even before humans discovered it, tigers were said to rub their wounds on the plant to help them heal back in the day - also the reason why some may call it tiger grass by the way. But there’s so much more to the benefits your skin can take advantage of when adding Cica products to your routine.



If you’re struggling with rosacea, acne, dryness, sensitivity or inflammation, oh boy, you found your skin’s best friend for life, that’s for sure. Rich in anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and a powerful antibacterial, Cica can help fight those nasty free radicals while regulating collagen synthesis, which will prevent your skin from future damage.



Now, after that ode to my absolute favorite ingredient, here’s what you've been waiting for: which products can I use to introduce Cica to my skincare routine? For the past year I’ve been using Neogen’s Micellar Cica collection and believe me when I say I use at least one product of the line every single day. From cleansers to exfoliating pads, this whole collection is meant to help take care of the “cleansing/exfoliating” process of your skincare routine while keeping it hydrated, calm, plump and of course soothed.



Talking cleansers you’ll find three different ones: a cleansing oil, a cleansing water and cleansing foam. I’m personally a huge fan of the oil. It doesn't only leave my skin hydrated and super clean but it doesn't stripe it from its natural oils, which helps keep my hydration levels under control. I’d say if you’re one to get your skin dehydrated easily, this line could help revert that.



As for the exfoliating pads, think of them like this: we ALL need exfoliation, no matter your skin type, but not all exfoliators are made for everyone. If you’re new to it or need something gentle to get started with, these are the pads for you.



So, does it sound like you need some Cica in your life? (A hin:  the answer is definitely YES)


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Before falling in love with K-beauty, and way before it changing my life and skin forever, I was a very lazy person when talking skincare routines. I had this 3-steps set my dermatologist prescribed but I was not consistent, and washing my face turned into something controlled by my mood. Now, looking back to those dark days I just can't believe how many times I went to bed with makeup on or applied my treatment cream without first washing my face, something that now just thinking about it makes me feel like I’m inside a horror movie (yes, I’m dramatic like that).


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