The Sheet Masks you wanna keep handy all winter long

The Sheet Masks you wanna keep handy all winter long


By Carolina Malis


You know how they tell you it’s very important to water a plant in order for it to grow bright, crips and healthy? Well, something similar happens with our skin. In order for all the products we apply over it to work we first need to make sure it’s healthy enough to be able to absorb all those ingredients.


But how do we keep our skin healthy? I’m not talking exfoliation methods, cleansing or sun protection but actually keeping our skin nourished enough for it to feel and look young. Well, there’s plenty of methods out there for sure but one of my absolute favorites is also Instagram’s favorite: Sheet Masks. You’ve probably heard of them already - or seen plenty of people voguing to them on IG photos. These face-shaped fabric masks are soaked in nutritional formulas, some for brightening, some for hydration, some for acne, and many, many more skin struggles. But the sheet mask market out there is HUGE, (like… capital letters huge). If you’ve ever been to a beauty store you’ve probably run into many of them and wondered: ok, but how do I pick the right one for me?


Truth is there’s no harmful sheet mask. Some of them may be better than others but basically we all can try all of them, but the thing is there’s some that may help you with some skin concerns you’ve been battling for a long time while other will purely hydrate. During winter time for example there’s two kinds of sheet masks I love using: Elasticity-enhancing and anti-aging ones. Both types are great to fight the stress skin goes through during colds months, reason why I always keep some of these by my side.


Now, of course there’s some sheet masks with more powerful ingredients and formulas than others, reason why is always good to find a collection containing a variety that can help you go through all skin-periods. SURMEDIC is for me one of those brands. They carry a decent amount of masks for every skin concert you can imagine, but there’s two in particular I’m obsessed with and I wanna share the secret with you.


Vital-Collagen Mask


This god send is a must for me every time I feel like my skin is going into stress mode. You know when you spend the day out in the cold and then go back home feeling like a mummy? Well, this mask can help with that little syndrome. The collagen contained in it not only helps recover skin’s elasticity but also delivers intense hydration so skin feels and looks younger while staying hydrated. Its formula also helps with fine lines and wrinkles, filling them out so skin looks smoother.


I personally prefer to use this one during morning time, before wearing makeup as it also kinda works as a primer. Best part? It’s hypoallergenic so it suits every skin type without being irritating (you go sensitive skin peeps!)


Age-Control Multi Vita Mask


If you’re looking to recover that lost brightness, this is the mask you need in your life. Formulated with a multivitamin ampoule essence plus some added niacinamide and adenosine, this mask (ready for it?): revitalizes, nourishes, brightens, regenerates and firms skin. I know, a true multitasker.


This hypoallergenic mask is perfect whenever you feel like your skincare routine needs a little extra hand. This one I rather use during night time as I feel it keeps working while I sleep, waking up to brighter and calmer skin every single time I use it. Another great fact about this one is how it helps dim down dark spots after some time using it. Not gonna say you’ll get rid of all spots just by using this mask because I’d be lying but if you’re under an hyperpigmentation treatment this mask is a great complement.


Do you have a set of favortiese sheet masks you like to keep handy?



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