Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
Review by Soph


By Soph (My Skin Reality)


I’d like to introduce one of my forever products! I would apply this product all over my body twice a day if I could. This is an exfoliate product. I believe it’s a chemical type of exfoliate vs the traditional ones I only knew about that consists of salt/ sugar/bead like textures. Oh has my eyes been opened into this new world by a few You Tubers that I can’t get enough of.



It’s one of the zillion K-Beauty products that I now use and have many backups of similar products to this in my storage for future use. I purchased pretty much all of the NEOGEN products available from the place I purchase my Korean/Asian beauty products, hey they had a 20% off sale I couldn’t resist.



This is the back of the packaging, it consists of pre soaked double sides pads. The instructions aren’t clearly visible because it’s white writing on a clear jar. I will take most pictures showing that information next jar I use. You just need to pull one out and away you go!



The first side is the gauze looking side, you slide your fingers in between the double sided pad and start finding your soul mate skin care (you’re welcome). You begin by gently rubbing the gauze side in circular motion around your face and neck area. Be careful not to scrub too hard, you’re not scrubbing burnt on food from a frying pan; something I have much experience with.



Then you flip it around and use the quilted side. You use this side to do a light sweeping motion around your face to pick up any left over dead skin after using the gauze side. Make sure you’re sweeping it off rather than going to town and rub it off. You can also use this side to pat the essence into your skin.

At this point I leave it on for about a minute or so, maybe play a round of Best Fiends that has taken You Tube by storm and I now see why, it’s so addictive!

Then I rinse my face off.

The first time I used it I skipped the rinsing step and continued on with my skin regimen. I didn’t notice any damaging effects from doing it, so if you forget let me know if you notice anything. Did it work in your favour or are you going to hate me for my recommendation on this product?

The pad is drenched with product so you may want to stand over the sink in case any drips off.

Once I finish the jar I’m expecting to have a lot of left over essence, so now I’m on the quest of finding the same type of double sided pads. If I don’t succeed then I’ll pop in a few cotton rounds and use them as part of my skin care marathon. It’s very hard to find some products online that ship to Australia. The conversion rate is a killer and the shipping costs sometimes is more than the actual products themselves. So I pretty much stick to the same place.

Final Thoughts

I really like this product. I know this will sound gross/crazy but I love seeing all the back heads and other stuff the gauze step pulls out of my skin.

The scent/flavour is wine but it doesn’t smell like wine at all, it smells like a grape candy. After I use this I get the sudden craving for a Grape flavoured Fanta.

I use this anywhere from 2 – 3 times a week, depending if it’s my week to use my PMD machine on my face. I was trying to use the PMD every week but I started purchasing these products and now I’m playing around with doing the PMD fortnightly or continue with weekly.

We’ll see and I will do up a separate post all about it.

I will definitely repurchase this product time and time again, but I have so many other similar items from the same brand so it may be another year before I need to buy a new one; and that is not an exaggeration. Just don’t tell my husband about that box in the linen cabinet that’s marked cleaning supplies. In this particular line I also have the green tea and the lemon scents/flavours. Which would you like me to try next? The lemon, the green tea or surprise you.

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Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
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