Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil Review by Stellar

Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil Review by Stellar


by Stellar (ohmystellar)


Cleansing Oil – Packaging

And secondly is the Real Cica Micellar Cleansing Oil! I generally reach for cleansing balms because I feel like they’re easier to use but I’m very, veryhappy with this oil cleanser so I think that I would overlook a slight mess (note that I am clumsy). This product comes in a liquid oil form with a pump dispenser. I like that the bottle is clear so that you can see how much you have left – this is one of those things that you will likely have to open up once you get to the bottom of the tube.

The pump can be locked when you aren’t using it, so this is definitely a great function but I would still be hesitant to carry this to travel. I will generally keep it locked and only unlock it (by turning the pump clockwise/anti-clockwise) when I go to use it. The risk of mess is if your hand slips or if you accidentally push down when you’re trying to lock it – which I did just tonight. Since this is oil, it can be a pain to clean up so just be careful with it.

Similarly to the foam cleanser, this also doesn’t come in a box but only with a plastic sealing.



Cleansing Oil – Personal Experience

As I mentioned above, I lovethis oil cleanser. In fact, using this as a first step, I feel like I could very easily skin a second cleanser too – which is rare because a lot of oil ad balm cleansers that I have used in the past leave a slight residue and take quite a bit of water to clean off. This product washed off my face completely with just water – no need to scrub or anything! I was really surprised at this.

The instructions state to “begin with dry hands and a dry face. Add 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand and massage onto your face, including around the eyes.” I had to use 2 pumps each time because I had so much make up to work off. I felt that this was really effective in removing everything, even my super stubborn waterproof mascara. It also didn’t sting or irritate my eyes at all if/when I open my eyes while I’m cleansing – which is an issue I have with virtually every cleanser.

The cleansing oil has a very light, and barely noticable scent – a reviewer on the Sokoglam website has identified it as Bergamot Oil, which I’m not familiar with. Overall, I feel like it is so subtle that most people won’t notice it and I would generally consider this scentless.

I am most impressed with how well this cleanser washes off. I have high expectations for oil cleansers so the fact that it removes all of my make up is a given. However, this one leaves absolutely no residue and my skin is left feeling so soft, hydrated and refreshed. I would absolutely recommend this one!



The Verdict


  • Effective at removing all make up (including stubborn waterproof mascara and tints)
  • Works fast and efficiently
  • Does not sting or irritate eyes at all
  • Very, verysubtle scent
  • Washes off easily with warm water
    • Second cleanser is recommended but not essential
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed


  • Pump/liquid formula can be messy
  • No box packaging (not suitable for gifting)
  • Not suitable for travel


  • PACKAGING | 3/5
  • PRICE POINT | 2/5
  • SCENT | 5/5
  • CLEANSING | 5/5



Absolutely, yes! I feel like the only real downside for this is the mess and that it is quite expensive for a cleanser. However, noticing that you don’t need to use a lot of this, I feel like it could potentially last you quite a long time. I would recommend this above other cleansers, actually.

I do love my balm cleansers but… this one has just become my favourite oil cleanser!



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