WYT Bubble Peeling Mask
Using Carbonated Technology

A nice, cold, carbonated beverage always seems to do the trick to give you that refreshing feeling after a greasy meal.  And it magically helps that unpleasant, heavy feeling in our stomach feel a lot lighter and better.

And in the case of the popular Wyt Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask, you can find the refreshing benefits of carbonation being used for skincare.  The Wyt Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask delivers the skin clearing formula to your skin through an easy to use, one-step apply on and wash-off type sheet mask.

The sheet mask incorporates an innovative carbonated formula technology that creates small oxygen bubbles upon contact with air and application on the skin. These small oxygen bubbles formed between the skin and sheet mask penetrate deep into the pores to deliver an action of shaking the impurities and dirt out of the pores.

As the carbonated oxygen bubbles form to shake out the dirt and impurities, the AHA formula ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid combined with BHA, targets effective removal of even the most stubborn dead skin cells while eliminating excess sebum and oils from deep within the pores.

Additionally reinforced with natural ingredients like kelp, green tea, tea tree, and witch hazel, not only will your skin feel and look visibly brighter and clearer but your pores will also feel ultimately refined and refreshed.

Watch why these beauty influencers are loving the results of the WYT Oxygen AHA Bubble Peeling Mask!  See the visible benefits of this innovative carbonated formula technology and the results you can achieve with an easy 1-step sheet mask application!

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Hi everyone!

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