Dorm Essential Must-Have!
Coconut Milk Cleanser

It is often difficult to try to shop so that you have everything necessary for living far away from home while trying to maintain the number of products to a minimum.  Sometimes you tend to over-pack too many unnecessary items while not packing enough items that are necessary.

Body and beauty care products are especially a hassle category during your dorm shopping and move-in process. Most products come in a liquid type formula that could make your boxes quite heavy as well as messy due to possible leaking if not transported carefully.  But since they are products we need to use everyday, not packing these items are not an option when moving into our dorms.  So what ideal cleansing products can we pack for the dorms that could help de-clutter our move-in process?

Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser

Just one product to provide the function of 2 products!  This creamy liquid to foam cleanser formula could just be lathered onto dry face like a cold cream to massage, melt, and remove makeup.  Then with a splash of water, it will transform into a nice foam lather that will help fully cleanse and completely rinse off all the dirt, makeup, and impurities from the face!  And the hydrating coconut ingredients are so moisturizing and gentle on your skin that you won't feel any unpleasant tugging, drying or pulling on your skin after cleansing!

Real Flower Cleansing Water

These petal beauties are ideal for your dorms to prepare for the late study nights where you will feel too tired to do anything when you get back to your dorm room.  Just soak a cotton pad with some of this cleansing water and give yourself a gentle swipe across your entire face to remove makeup and cleanse your face.  The fact that it doesn't require you to rinse off with water while still effectively cleansing, makes it a perfect cleansing cheat sheet with a guaranteed passing grade on the cleansing test.  Perfectly delivering two product functions in one bottle, you can also eliminate the extra baggage while packing for your move-in!

Simplify your move-in process back to campus with smart, multi-functional beauty care products!  Eliminate the heavy lifting of moving boxes packed with numerous beauty products while also taking advantage of the space you will gain in your already tight, shared dorm space.

NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Meet your fast - yet effective - spot care essentials for winter

Meet your fast - yet effective - spot care essentials for winter

When talking acne there’s a few things we need to keep in mind: first off, we can all have it, and for that same reason we all need to know how to keep it under control once it decides to show up. For the longest time of my life I had to struggle with having no idea how acne really worked. I went from dermatologists to dermatologist thinking they were finally gonna share the big secret behind how to get rid of it for good, but it never happened, or at least not until I turned to K-Beauty.


NEO I TRENDING<br>Sunscreen and Aging: Here’s why these are and item

Sunscreen and Aging: Here’s why these are and item

You know when you joke about things but deep down you’re being serious and just hoping for someone to join you on your crazy ideas? Well, that’s me talking about wanting to create a sunscreen cult. I’m the sunscreen lady. I’m allergic to cats so cat lady wasn’t and option for me, so sunscreen it is. Since I learned how fundamental it was to wear it every single day of my life in order to have good skin I never went back. It’s a long term relationship and I know it will last forever.


NEO I TRENDING <br>The answer behind long-lasting hydration? Hyaluronic Acid!

The answer behind long-lasting hydration? Hyaluronic Acid!

You hear the term everywhere. From skincare, to supplements and even some makeup brands are using it lately. Hyaluronic acid is without a doubt part of the skincare royalty, and there’s a reason why.

Hydration is one of the main signs of a healthy complexion. In a way, all we do for our skin has a focus on keeping it hydrated. When dehydration takes over, all the other skin struggles we could be facing get worse, reason why in a nutshell, we can’t get rid of acne, wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea, eczema or any other concern if our skin is not hydrated, and here’s where Hyaluronic Acid plays a lead role.


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>The two hero-moisturizers that will save your skin this winter

The two hero-moisturizers that will save your skin this winter

And just like that, winter is here once again and not only my wardrobe noticed it but my skin did too. I don't know about you I'm already running through basically a whole bottle of toner a month and don't even get me started on the sometimes-insane amounts of mist I apply throughout the day. Totally #guilty of using it every single minute of my day.



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