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IPSY X Neogen
Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser

Whether I am wearing no makeup, minimal makeup, or heavy makeup; it is a fact that removing makeup and cleansing is always annoying.  Especially after a long day, you always yearn for products that will work like a charm with the least amount of effort and time.  (No offense to the double cleansing routine) But there are days when I feel like taking the shortcut without having to compromise the efficacy of cleansing. Which is why I was so glad that the Ipsy team selected to feature the Neogen Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser I recommended into their March Ipsy Glam Bag!


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When creating my product recommendation list for the Ipsy team, I spent about a week researching social media and blog posts by other Ipsy community members along with trending concerns in the beauty community.  Most of the population could relate to the hassle of removing makeup, skin sensitivity to products, and/or finding an effective cleanser that doesn't dry out your skin. So this cleanser was on the top of my recommendation because I felt that it really hit these common needs and concerns found across the board of the population.  


Coconut Milk Cleanser removes makeup effectively
without drying out skin



The product was also ideal in fitting the needs for not only the skincare focused Ipsy subscribers but for the makeup focused Ipsy subscribers as well.  So conclusively, the Coconut Milk Cleanser seemed like a universally love-able product that I was really hoping the Ipsy team would select for their glam bag.


2017 NEOGEN beauty Mentor, Sojung Yoon

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Everyone, including their mother, sister, and brother is intrigued by the Neogen Bio Peel Guaze pads. And who can blame them? These innovative exfoliating pads are not only effective, but super easy—and actually fun—to use. The three different pads offer both physical and chemical exfoliation and work to leave skin glowing, fresh, and infused with antioxidant benefits.



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Hi everyone!

In search of a new exfoliator I came accross some good reviews and decided to get Neogen Dermalogy Bio Peel Gauze – Wine. There are 2 more options: Green Tea and Lemon, but I decided to get Wine because of the beautiful purple color and I like the grape/red wine scent.



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All these benefits cleanses without stripping the skin and leaving your skin feeling hydrated.




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