NEOGEN DERMALOGY  A-Clear AID Soothing Spot Kit

Developed by Neogenlab

NEOGEN DERMALOGY A-Clear AID Soothing Spot Kit


A professional 2-step spot treatment that helps to quickly clean, fight, and soothe blemishes. This intensive spot kit contains a spot cleaner and spot ampoules, which help to keep troubled areas clean and clear.

Step1 - Spot Cleaner: An intensive formula contains salicylic acid to help clear dead skin cells, blackheads, excess sebum, impurities and pore-clogging debris that cause breakouts.

Step2 - Spot Ampoule: Enriched with Guiazulene, Centella Asiatica, Green tea, Licorice ingredients, it instantly helps to soothe and relieve irritants while keeping skin’s healthy balance.

Spot Cleaner 0.50oz*1ea & Spot Ampoule 0.02oz*10ea


An intensive spot kit helps to target and fight blemishes!

1-STEP: Exfoliating. Dead skin cells removal. (Salicylic acid. Tea Tree Oil)

2-STEP: Soothing (Guaiazulene, Green Tea, Centella asiatica, Licorice)

Helps reduce skin troubles and blemishes:

A spot cleaner helps remove skin impurities, dead skin cells, blackheads which cause skin troubles and blemishes, while controlling sebum production for a clean and healthy skin.

An ampoule packed in a syringe package:

Intensive ampoules packed in syringe package provide soothing benefits to care blemish spots, prevent future blemishes and keep oil & water balance.

For a clean and clear skin:

Clogged pores are the result of dead skin cells getting trapped in your skin. This spot kit helps remove dead skin cells to prevent sebum buildup and clogged pores, while reducing excess sebum for balanced skin.

BHA ingredient, Salicylic acid:

Formulated Salicylic acid helps to keep an ideal skin turnover cycle to prevent future blemishes and leave the skin feeling fresh and clean.


Less skin stress
An intensive treatment for sensitive and troubled skin.

2-step solution
A spot cleaner helps remove skin impurities, while spot ampoules deliver an intensive soothing benefit to blemish spots.

Balanced skin
It helps to reduce excess sebum and control a sebum production to balance water & oil for healthier skin.

★ How To Use ★

1. Start with a clean cotton swab and a spot cleaner.
2. Open the cap and soak the cotton swab in the spot cleaner.
3. Swipe the cotton swab over targeted area.
4. Open the package of soothing spot ampoule.
5. Remove a cap from the syringe package.
6. Apply an appropriate amount of ampoule onto blemish spots or desired areas.

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