Neogen in Department Stores
in South Korea & U.K.

All of you know that we have already started our official USA launch through our Neogen Dermalogy brand launch in all the Sephora stores across the U.S. the previous year.  And we are also looking forward to some other launches into major retailers as the summer approaches.  

Now starting in June, you will also be able to find Neogen Dermalogy, Code9, and RE:P brand products in UK's prestigious Selfridges department store.

Code9, RE:P, Sur.Medic brand products in Chicor, South Korea's prestigious Shinsegae Department Stores new beauty boutique.

If any of you were fans of the tv series Entourage, you are probably familiar with Selfridges Department store through the role Jeremy Piven portrayed in the PBS series Mr.Selfridge.  Selfridges & Co. was a department store founded by American retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge in the 1909 in Oxford, England.  Since then, Selfridges Department Store quickly became well-known for its innovative marketing and retail and now is a department store that has been named the best department store in the world three times!  

Below are some of the Neogen favorites you will now be able to shop in the UK!  For all of our fans in the UK area, you will now be able to just take a trip to Selfridges Department Stores grab your favorite Neogen products available to use right away without the need to wait for shipping!

One of Korea's first department stores, it is also one of the top 2 department stores in Korea and regarded as the oldest department store chain in South Korea.  Now a part of the Samsung corporation, it is a go-to shopping destination for high-end luxury brands. With their addition of their new approach of Chicor, Shinsegae intends to offer a beauty playground for the younger generation consumers who are a lot more beauty-savvy, who no longer make purchases solely based on the brand. Chicor's goal is to cater to the more modern-day, beauty savvy consumers who are more focused on the latest trends, buzz and product innovation rather than relying on the brand name and strictly limiting their merchandise selection to high-end brands.

What brands will you be able to find at Shinsegae Department Store's new chic new beauty boutique Chicor?  Every South Korean beauty aficionado can now grab different products from Sur.Medic, RE:P and Code9 in one stop!

NEO I SPOTLIGHT Mid-day Skincare Routine

NEO I SPOTLIGHT Mid-day Skincare Routine

Skin easily gets dry through the day? Need to get rid of midday shine? Here is Neogen to save your mid-day skin crisis! Neogen helps you instantly moisturize your dry skin, as well as goodbye to oily and greasy skin in the middle of the day! Let’s learn how to pamper and save your midday skin!



NEO | EXPOSURE<br>Sur.Medic Launch<br>UK's Boots in S.Korea

Sur.Medic Launch
UK's Boots in S.Korea

Find Sur.Medic brand in Boots stores in South Korea.  Sur.Medic brand products are now available in all the boots retail stores across South Korea.  Boots retail chains have already successfully launched into 25 different countries under the newly merged Walgreen Boots Alliance and has now recently expanded their pharmacy-led health and beauty retail stores into the global beauty mecca, South Korea.



NEO | VIEW<BR> Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water <BR> REVIEW BY SARIRAH HAMID

Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water

For the longest time, I couldn't find a need for a cleansing water in my skincare routine. Nor could I find a cleansing water that didn't leave my skin feeling dry. That was until I discovered the NEOGEN Real Flower Rose Cleansing Water. Another star product from the NEOGEN Dermalogy range, this Korean and cruelty-free soothing bio-cleanser contains natural cleansing agents that won't strip the skin and contains additional actual rose petals suspended in the water.



NEO|EXPOSURE<br>Meet Neogen<br>BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair

Meet Neogen
BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair

K-beauty is all the buzz lately on all major online beauty publications.  So of course its not a surprise that BuzzFeed has also been actively posting various articles on the K-beauty trends with many articles recommending the latest K-beauty products people should know about. Neogen was also caught on the radar of BuzzFeed's beauty writers and has also been invited to be a part of their first BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair taking place in their swanky NYC HQ!




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