Joan Day - Joan Night: The Dual Cream your skin needs for all-day care

Joan Day - Joan Night: The Dual Cream your skin needs for all-day care

By Carolina Malis 


Who doesn't like 2-in-1 skincare? Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for super focused formulas created to fight an specific skin struggle, but I love the concept under a product that can be 2 things at once. For that same reason I got super excited to try this moisturizer. But before we deep-dive into its wonders let's talk a bit about the creator behind it!

You probably already know Joan Kim, the Korean-American YouTuber based in Seoul creating content about all things K-Beauty, K-Fashion, K-Food and K-Culture in general. With thousands of subscribers around the world, it was just about time for Joan to experiment and jump into the adventure of creating her own skincare product, and of course she partnered up with one of the brands she often recommends and trusts: Neogen.

Neogen vita duo cream- Joan day and Joan night cream 

That's how the Vita Duo Cream : Joan Day - Joan Night moisturizer was born, a Dual Cream containing two separate compartments, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use. The Day Cream is formulated with a Green Tea and Vitamin C combo that delivers intensive soothing and calming benefits for the skin while energizing and reinforcing it. On the other hand the Night Cream is formulated with lavender and Vitamin E which together help soothe and strengthen our skin's natural power.

 Neogen vita duo cream- Joan day and Joan night cream

One of the very first things to catch my attention after first opening the jar was the fact that at first sight the daily cream looks thicker than the night one (which is more on the gel side). But once you actually spread it over your face it melts so nicely the texture feels just perfect for daytime. Now, believe it or not, the green tea cream happens to also be a very good option for night time, making this pack a true multipurpose and multifaceted one. If I'm completely honest I've been using the green tea moisturizer way more than the lavender one (both in the morning and at night) as I realize after a few weeks of testing it, it suits my skin better. As I've told you many times before my skin is on the sensitive side, reason why lavender can be a trigger and make sensitivity even worse sometimes, reason why I personally try to not use lavender-based skincare that much, but the times I've used this cream so far it's been really soothing and gentle with my skin.

 Neogen vita duo cream- Joan day cream

Neogen vita duo cream- Joan night cream

A few things to take in consideration:

  • The daytime moisturizer is formulated with vitamin C, reason why is super important to wear sunscreen whenever you decide to use it to prevent your skin from forming spots.
  • If you have sensitive skin make sure to patch-test the night cream before you try it n your face as - as I mentioned before - lavender can be a tricky ingredient for sensitive skin types.

Have you tried the Joan Day - Joan Night Duo yet? Let us now how it is working for you in the comments!


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