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Skin easily gets dry through the day? Do you want to keep your skin matte? Neogen introduces must-have products to fight dryness and get rid of unwanted shine, oily skin! Let’s explore 24/7 skin refreshers that prevent dryness and shine. No more dry, oily, and greasy skin, just stay dewy and shine-free all day with Neogen!
Neogen Sebum Clear Pore mist
Neogen Code9 Sebum Clear Pore Mist:
Code9 Sebum Clear Pore Mist is an amazing face mist for a refreshingly clean spritz! Using a dual layer formula of liquid and powder, the liquid formula's natural ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea extracts, witch hazel, lime extract help soothe and calm the pores while managing healthy control of sebum and oil production in the skin. It also doesn't hurt that the powder formula helps control the overly shiny sheen while helping to fix your makeup in place for longer wear during your oiliest skin conditions! Keep your skin shine-free and matte, having your makeup last all day!
Neogen H2 Dermadeca serum spray
Neogen Dermalogy H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray:
Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray is an innovative spray-type serum that instantly hydrates your dry skin! It is infused with natural ingredients like Allantoin, Niacinamide and Centella Asiatica extract, which calm, repair, and refresh the tired and stressed skin. Simply take this refreshing facial mist with you, give your skin a midday boost to fight skin dryness and stress! Plus, it is an ideal face serum mist to spray over your makeup without smudging!
Re:p Organic Toning Pads
RE:P Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pads:
Organic dual texture cotton pads soaked in a natural formula of soothing, calming, refreshing and skin-balancing ingredients like Chamomile, Lavendar, and Calendula; deliver a quick tone and refresher to your skin with an easy wipe. The gauzy textured side of the pad gives a subtle exfoliating effect to lightly remove any dead skin cells on the surface while the softer side helps penetrate the refreshingly soothing and toning benefits of the natural formula. This pre-soaked toning pads stop dry and flaky skin, reducing your time and efforts. 
all in one multitem
RE:P Nutrinature All-in-one Multitem:
This is a handful to say, but does the handful of amazing benefits as the name says! Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Calendula, Rose Extract, and various natural herbal extracts helps soothe and refresh your skin while helping your skin regain its moisture/oil balance to a healthy equilibrium! This multi-tasking skincare product having the functions of toner, essence, and emulsion saves our time and efforts. With this smart one, we are good to go anywhere, keeping the skin dewy and glowing! Plus, this vegan-friendly, leaping bunny certified product is safe for even sensitive skin types.

NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br> What a Bright time to be alive! Here’s the Vitamin C your skin was craving for

What a Bright time to be alive! Here’s the Vitamin C your skin was craving for

You’ve probably heard wonders about Vitamin C already, but have you actually tried it and seen its effect in real life? I feel like with Vitamin C is a matter of adding it to your routine to discover how much a miracle it is, because let me tell you, IT IS.


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Neogen’s New A-Clear Blemish Treatments Line is THE Breakouts Banisher

Breakouts are awful. Whether they occur once a month during your menstrual cycle, frequently or all the time, blemishes can be painful, make you feel self conscious and leave their mark long after they are gone. Cruelty free KBeauty company Neogen has given us a new powerful way to take blemish battling to the next level.


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All Greens! These are Green Tea Products that’ll change your skin

Ok… now it maybe feels more like spring, am I right? Daylight savings definitely brings a whole new spark to our days and with it we finally feel warmer times getting closer. I can already picture in my head all the plans and new adventures I wanna jump into during the new season: from fun holidays to road trips and takeaways, new season means new possibilities to explore the world.


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Real Ferment Micro Serum Review by Michelle Winter

Getting healthier looking skin is easy with the Real Ferment Micro Serum from Neogen. A gel-type cream made with 61% natural fermented ingredients, it’s designed to improve skin radiance and increase moisture levels.



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