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Hey guys! Today I’m going to share my review on two re:p products, the Gentle Face Cleaning Remover Pad and the Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pad. Re:p stands for Real Elemental Practice and this skincare line focuses on raw organic ingredients, environmentally responsible and cruelty free beauty, only using ingredients that helps the skin. This line is developed by Neogen Labs who also develop Neogen Dermalogy and Neogen Code 9 products. I’ve used Neogen products before and I have to say that I have absolute trust that they use the best ingredients and formulas because I see the results after using each product. Let’s get on with the review!

rep real elemental practice_remover pad_toning pad


The toning pad and remover pad come in recycled boxes printed with soy ink and the pads are in simple yet sturdy frosted plastic jars, which can be reused and/or recycled. The cottons pads are pre-soaked and ready to use whenever.The remover has 70 large round pads and the toner has 90 regular sized round pads. Both smell like floral herbs and doesn’t have a artificial smell to it. The toning pads have a woven gauze back and a soft cotton side. The remover pads are soft on both sides so you can wipe the entire face with one side and use the other side for extra cleaning. Both pads are well soaked and I think you get enough product for the entire face.

Both products are formulated without 6 major parabens (preservatives), sorbic acid (preservative), SLES (possible irritant), animal ingredients (safe for vegans), benzyl alcohol (preservative), petrollithium (nonrenewable resource), mineral oil (nonrenewable resource), propylene glycol (possible irritant), BHA and BHT (possible irritant). I don’t think that these ingredients are bad, but if they didn’t need to use them I’m fine without them. So I’ve listed what they don’t have, here is a list of what they do have. These two products are formulated with natural origin ingredients that have been organically grown. In the remover pads it is formulated with rose (revitalises and brightens), jojoba (moisturizes and softens), tea tree (calms and refines pores), rosemary (purifies and soothes skin). The toning pads are formulated with calendula (skin recovery and soothing), camomile (retexturizes and protects), and lavender (revitalises and reinforces firmness).




I really like the remover pads because its so easy to use and it does remove most of my makeup. I do have to use about three to four pads get take off full makeup. It takes off my waterproof eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation easily, but waterproof mascara is a little bit more resistant to it probably because it more water based than oil based. However if I press the pad on my eye for a couple minutes the mascara starts to breakdown. Still I had to rub it around to get it off.


Afterwards the wipe didn’t dry out my skin, it has a toner feel to it so my skin felt comfortable even after cleaning off the makeup and it didn’t irritate my skin or eyes. The formula is very gentle but all the while very effective. Like all makeup wipes there’s going to be traces of makeup left on your skin because you’re just moving the makeup around, so I do recommend that you at least rinse your face or do a second cleansing.




The toning pads are so convenient to use. I really love the dual sides that it has. I can use the cotton gauze side to gently remove dead skin cells and impurities and then flip it over to the soft cotton side to allow the toner to let the toner be absorbed in to the skin. It also leaves the skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and for me it had a slight brightening effect. The each pads hold a lot of product so you only need to use one for the face and neck.

Rep remover pads and toning pad

This time I used the remover and the toner together.

I used these products together and I think they are a great duo. I hope you found this review helpful and this is a must try if you’re looking for organic/raw/cruelty free Korean products.


Written by Sarah Oh
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