Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose
REVIEW BY Yeonjeong

Neogen’s Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose is enriched with 100% real rose petals and rose extract, which provide a gentle and effective cleansing benefit! I heard that this cleansing water deeply cleanses away all impurities as well as makeup residues within pores. 

This Neogen cleansing water is packed with 1,500ppm of natural rose water that powerfully hydrates dry and rough skin without drying out the skin during cleansing process. It naturally clarifies all pores, removing all dusts, impurities, and even heavy makeup without irritation or pain. So I tried this amazing product and I am going to share my real review on Neogen Real Flower Cleansing water Rose. Let’s start it!

This product is very impressive, I can see that 100% real rose petals float in the water. What a beautiful cleansing water! It is very easy to use, just saturate a cotton pad with this cleansing water, and sweep across the face to remove all impurities and makeup. You don’t even need to rinse it! But I am familiar with the double cleansing routine, so cleansed again with Neogen's fresh foam cleanser after it. The smell was so good, the scent of rose made me so pleased and relaxed.

I wanted to see a cleansing benefit of this cleansing water, so I tested it to remove heavy and point makeup products like lip product, two different eye shadows, pencil eyeliner, and pen eyeliner. I just put the cotton pad saturated with the cleansing water on the makeup for only 10 seconds, and Tada! It was amazing!!!!!!! As you see above, it perfectly cleansed away all heavy point makeup without any irritation or pain. It even moisturized my skin, so could feel all the moistures.

I always felt the severe dryness after cleansing, but not anymore! I believe it is a perfect cleansing product for such a dry skin. It refreshens up and moisturizes the skin, so the result is a dewy, glowing skin. Plus, it is free from harmful ingredients such as artificial, and chemical ingredients, so I would say that this is an ideal cleansing water for all skin types including sensitive skin!

Written by Yeonjeong Noh

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