Hello! This is Lauren and I have recently joined the Neogen US Team for the summer and have had the pleasure of being a part of our Neogen brands’ launch into various major retailers such as Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Birchbox, and many more. Under the support and encouragement of Janet who is the creative director and head of the US branch and her right hand Lor, I truly had an amazing time working and learning under these two during the exciting summer internship.   As a current marketing major, I mainly shadowed Lor, who is the Marketing and Business Development Manager for US& European markets, as well as a former beauty queen, holding a title in Miss Korea as well as various other pageant systems. Her work ethic is contagious and her passion for beauty is inspiring. Through her strong experience of over a decade working in the fashion industry combined with her personal passion and journey as a former beauty queen, she has already taught me so much about not only soothing skin remedies but the in's and out's of the beauty business and the process of launching, branding and successfully expanding into new emerging markets around the world. Her work ethic is contagious and her passion for beauty is inspiring. There is no other way than to describe Lor as a ‘Go Getter’ when it comes to her enthusiasm for the beauty industry.  Coming from a strong management position in fashion product development combined with her personal struggles with many dermatological disorders; Lor is always keen on learning and expanding her knowledge in the science & RD end of beauty.  As soon as she puts her mind to something, she does her very best to make it happen!  And of course there is the strong support foundation and head of the US office, Janet.  Janet is the creative mega-mind behind packaging and design of most of the brands.  Both tech savvy and having a keen eye for designing packaging that everyone loves and knowing ideally how people want their beauty products to be packaged; Janet delivers the most appealing, inviting, and innovative packaging designs that is suitable for the amazing benefits inside the products.  With Janet's extensive career success of many decades in award winning designs and her right hand business gal Lor at her side 24/7; the combination delivers the impact of an ultimate duo for the US and European markets.  As a Public Relations major and Marketing minor my heart has always been set on working within the beauty industry, contributing my unique sense of style to enhance brands and familiarize people with the brands through social media. With this team, you can rest assured you will have an awesome educational and fun time working in the enticing beauty industry and not many people would be able to say they enjoyed coming to work everyday like I did this summer!

NEO | PICK<br> Moist it up!<br> The mask your skin needs for Fall

Moist it up!
The mask your skin needs for Fall

I can already feel it: the dry leaves scent taking over the city, the nights getting colder, the hot morning coffee becoming a must, the breeze getting stronger and.. the skin getting drier. Couldn’t we just take the last one off the list? Is that really too much to ask?



NEO | VIEW<BR> Lemon Green Caviar Essence <BR>Review BY Diana Siuta

Lemon Green Caviar Essence
Review BY Diana Siuta

I’m here to give you guys a short little review of this new product I’ve been using called the Code 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence & Tox Tightening Pack Kit. Can you say that three times fast? I bet you can’t.

Code 9 is a product line designed by Neogen, one of my favorite skin care lines, so I knew right from the start I was going to love this exfoliator+moisturizer product. Below is the product description of the Lemon Green & Tox Tightening Pack taken off of the website.



NEO | TRENDING<BR> Hydrogen: your secret weapon<br> behind hydrated and plump skin

Hydrogen: your secret weapon
behind hydrated and plump skin

I’ve said it before: my skin is not only combo but also very sensitive, and rosacea + acne prone… yeah, yeah, someone decided to add a little bit everything during the DNA distribution. Thing is for many year I just catalogued my skin as oily, because I used to think that was my one and only skin concern and that every other problem was a consequence of the oiliness. Oh, how wrong was I.



NEO | VIEW<br> Gloomy day, Bright skin<br> Lemon Green Caviar at Ipsy Offers!

Gloomy day, Bright skin
Lemon Green Caviar at Ipsy Offers!

As the weather is colder and a cold breeze comes, you can feel that your skin gets dry and flaky. You try makeup by applying the BB cream or foundation, but it might not work well! By reapplying your moisturizer, you try to reduce the dryness and flakiness on your skin, but result would be same. Because It is not about a moisturizer, but an exfoliator!

Now is the perfect time to switch out your routine and get a right exfoliator to revamp your skin to a dewy, healthy one!




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