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BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair

As many know, BuzzFeed is an online platform that delivers various trending news for all types of categories from politics to even beauty, fashion, and entertainment.  While it delivers pretty much all the necessary updated news on every category like any traditional news publication, the difference is that it packages the delivery of the news via online technology that is more accessible and appealing for the modern-day lifestyles.

But what is especially appealing about BuzzFeed is the incredible amount of community engagement from the readers.  For every article/subject matter that is posted on BuzzFeed, there is an impressive amount of engagement from the BuzzFeed community members who actively share and exchange their comments on the article or subject.The BuzzFeed platform has become not only a method to stay updated and informed on what's going on around you, but a source of communication for community members to converse and express their views with fellow community members that are from all over the globe.  By bringing the media platform online, it has created a space without the limits of accessibility due to the reader or member's physical geographical location.

The beauty category tends to be a particularly popular category among the various news categories provided on their online publication platform.  K-beauty has recently been a specifically hot topic within the beauty category due to the creative product innovations and beauty trends coming out of South Korea.



In response to the exploding demand for the latest scoops on K-beauty, BuzzFeed has decided to throw their first K-beauty Fair to further introduce and educate various K-beauty brands to their writers.  And of course, Neogen was invited and will be introducing all the Neogen brands global best sellers to the BuzzFeed team in their NYC HQ! 

NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Welcome to the sustainable and  environment friendly RE:P universe

Welcome to the sustainable and environment friendly RE:P universe

While the world is getting further and further away from environmental stability, people are starting to become more conscious of the importance of eco-friendly practices in hopes of preserving a beautiful future. The RE:P brand represents this movement of promoting a more eco and animal friendly practice on a daily basis through the everyday skincare routine.


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Real Fresh Foam : the 4 cleansers your routine has been waiting for

Real Fresh Foam : the 4 cleansers your routine has been waiting for

Skincare is for sure a very personal thing. No one can have exactly the same routine as another person as different ingredients work or won’t work for everybody. But there’s something we all need, no matter our skin type or season: cleansing. Getting rid of waste, toxins, and excess sebum is a must if you wanna skip your skin healthy and able to absorb whatever it is you’ll layer on top afterwards.


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>Black Volume Cream - The Moisturizer Your Skin Is Crying For

Black Volume Cream - The Moisturizer Your Skin Is Crying For

Anti-oxidants help fight the cell damages that naturally occur from oxidation, which eventually turn into free radicals. Free radicals eventually start a chain reaction of damages to more cells which affect both our body and skin health.  Although you can find antioxidants in a variety of different natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables, some of them further flaunt higher levels and powerful antioxidant content.


NEO I SPOTLIGHT<br>It’s time to cica-up your winter skincare routine

It’s time to cica-up your winter skincare routine

Let’s face it, there are many things we love about winter, but skin dehydration is definitely not one of them. When our skin loses moisture not only becomes drier, but many other struggles start taking place too. Wrinkles, spots, dull and uneven complexion… there's a bigger chance to get any of those if your skin is not properly hydrated.



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