Neogen's Patented
Pad Technology

Exfoliation is necessary in every skincare routine. It delivers great results for many types of skin concerns, including blackheads, pigmentation and dry, flaky skin. The best part about exfoliation is that it produces results very quickly. Smoother, cleaner, softer skin is possible if exfoliating regularly.

Some exfoliators can be harsh on your skin and incompatible with some sensitive skin types. This is why Neogen came up with the Gauze Peeling Pads: A patented technology that not only is very effective, but it’s also gentle on the skin.

These pads already come soaked in the product in the case of the Bio-Peels and they come separately if you choose the Tox Tightening Kits.

What is so special about these patented Gauze Peeling Pads used in both the Neogen Code9 Tox Tightening Pack Kits & Neogen Dermalogy Bio Peel Gauze Peeling?

They have 3 layers that make the exfoliating process very soft and gentle: one layer of 100% cotton gauze, a second layer of cushion pad and the third layer is embossed. This allows the product to go smoothly and softly on the skin, trapping the dead skin cells and impurities in the embossed layer of the pad.


How do you use the pads?

Just Slip your fingers into the gauze peeling pad and use circular motion all over your dry face and neck. After doing this, you should see the dead skin or impurities trapped in the gauze.

Neogen Code 9 Tox Tightening Pack Kits

Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling

How often should you use use these pads?

The frequency actually depends on your skin type. It is possible that in the winter you will need to remove the dead cells more frequently since the weather is drier and it can provoke flaky skin. In average, twice a week should be enough.

The patented gauze pad technology can be found in both:

  • Neogen Code9 Tox Tightening Pack Kits that come in 2 options: The Lemon Green Caviar & The Gold Black Caviar
  • Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling that come in 3 options: Green Tea, Lemon, Wine

What's the difference between the Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peels and Neogen Code9 Tox Tightening?

  • The Neogen Dermalogy bio-peels were developed as a simplified version of the Neogen Code9 Tox Tightening Packs, so it focuses more on manual exfoliation combined with a natural formula that delivers a natural chemical peel function. So after using the pads, you need to make sure to rinse off the remaining product from your face.
  • The Neogen Code9 Tox Tightening  Packs were meant to deliver exfoliation combined with a natural ingredient formula that further delivers skin treatment and facial treatment benefits.  So after using the pads, the formula is intended to be left up and further absorbed into the skin using the soft side of the patented pads.  It essentially is a exfoliator and a face pack in one product which you do not rinse of remaining product after using the pads.

Watch Johanna experience the gentle yet effective benefits of the Neogen patented pad technology!


NEO | PICK<br> Moist it up!<br> The mask your skin needs for Fall

Moist it up!
The mask your skin needs for Fall

I can already feel it: the dry leaves scent taking over the city, the nights getting colder, the hot morning coffee becoming a must, the breeze getting stronger and.. the skin getting drier. Couldn’t we just take the last one off the list? Is that really too much to ask?



NEO | VIEW<BR> Lemon Green Caviar Essence <BR>Review BY Diana Siuta

Lemon Green Caviar Essence
Review BY Diana Siuta

I’m here to give you guys a short little review of this new product I’ve been using called the Code 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence & Tox Tightening Pack Kit. Can you say that three times fast? I bet you can’t.

Code 9 is a product line designed by Neogen, one of my favorite skin care lines, so I knew right from the start I was going to love this exfoliator+moisturizer product. Below is the product description of the Lemon Green & Tox Tightening Pack taken off of the website.



NEO | TRENDING<BR> Hydrogen: your secret weapon<br> behind hydrated and plump skin

Hydrogen: your secret weapon
behind hydrated and plump skin

I’ve said it before: my skin is not only combo but also very sensitive, and rosacea + acne prone… yeah, yeah, someone decided to add a little bit everything during the DNA distribution. Thing is for many year I just catalogued my skin as oily, because I used to think that was my one and only skin concern and that every other problem was a consequence of the oiliness. Oh, how wrong was I.



NEO | VIEW<br> Gloomy day, Bright skin<br> Lemon Green Caviar at Ipsy Offers!

Gloomy day, Bright skin
Lemon Green Caviar at Ipsy Offers!

As the weather is colder and a cold breeze comes, you can feel that your skin gets dry and flaky. You try makeup by applying the BB cream or foundation, but it might not work well! By reapplying your moisturizer, you try to reduce the dryness and flakiness on your skin, but result would be same. Because It is not about a moisturizer, but an exfoliator!

Now is the perfect time to switch out your routine and get a right exfoliator to revamp your skin to a dewy, healthy one!




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