RE:P Bio Fresh Mask Real Calming Herb
REVIEW BY Charlotte Cho

THE REVIEW: RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb

by Charlotte Cho

re:p Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming herb_Soko Glam

I handpicked RE:P to be part of Soko Glam’s curation because I received so many requests for an eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand. Honestly, it’s difficult to find any beauty company that is committed to both so I was excited to dive deep into the first Korean brand that received The Leaping Bunny stamp of approval!



RE:P’s Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb is a clay based mask that is used to detoxify and remove excess oil and impurities. If you’re particularly oily, combination or have breakouts, nothing nixes that better than Kaolin clay.



A little bit about Kaolin clay—Kaolin itself is an active ingredient used in many clay-based masks and it’s incredible at absorbing oil. The only issue with most kaolin-based masks I’ve used is that my skin becomes tight and dry after a few minutes into the application of the mask, and when I wash it off my skin feels like it has been stripped of its natural oils.

re:p Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming herb_Soko Glam

Not with RE:P’s though! The Bio Fresh Mask left my skin extremely soft, supple and hydrated—which totally surprised me, in a good way. Speaking with the lead R&D specialist for this product, he emphasized that they wanted to formulate a detoxifying mask that stayed true to the Korean philosophy of hydrating the skin rather than stripping it. I'm on board with that!



Another unique aspect of this mask is that it does triple duty: hydrates, clarifies and exfoliates. Just apply the mask onto your face and neck with clean fingers. The consistency is thick and creamy but you’ll notice little bits of actual natural herbs mixed in, which are perfect for some gentle manual exfoliation as you work it into your face. When you think about it, it’s actually really neat how RE:P considered everything with this mask.

 re:p Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming herb_Soko Glam 


Massage the mask into your skin with your fingertips for a few minutes, and the herbs will gently slough off any dead skin cells. Now chill out for about 10 minutes, then rinse off the mask and continue with your treatment products (such as your essence, serums and moisturizers). 

I was told that RE:P had to go through several hundred rounds of mixing the dried herbs in the formula to get just the right amount. Sometimes it was too much herb (so the smell was overpowering) and sometimes it was too little and the exfoliating effect was no longer there. They finally perfected the formula, which is the kind of tedious dedication worthy of holy grail status :)

Actually, I’m glad they went with the herb ratio that they did because I wouldn’t have liked it if my entire face smelled like garlic or italian dressing. Not the case! The smell is in fact very pleasantly herbal and natural. There is a hint of clay smell (which is expected and sounds creepy, but I really like it) and a hint of natural calendula and chamomile fragrance as well.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve found my go-to clay-based wash off mask. What’s yours? Have you tried RE:P products?

xx Charlotte


Re:p Bio Fresh Mask With Real Calming Herb is available at!


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